C .08
MN 2.00
P .045
S .03
Si 1.00
Cr 17.0- 19.0
Ni 9.0- 13.0
Mo .50
Cu .50
Cb+Ta 10 x C min

Stainless 347 has low tantalum and cobalt and should be considered for nuclear applications. Stainless 321 is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, sterilizing solutions, many organic chemicals, and a wide variety of inorganic chemicals. Stainless 347 should also be considered for use in aircraft collector rings, and exhaust manifolds, expansion joints, and high temperature chemical process equipment.

Available forms of Stainless 347​ are seamless pipe, welded pipe, seamless tube, welded tube, bar, wire, sheet, plate, forgings, pipe fittings and flanges.

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