C .05- .15
MN 1.0-2.0
P .4
S .03
Si .4
Cr 19.0- 21.0
Ni 9.0- 11.0
Co bal
W 14.0- 16.0

Haynes 25™ alloy is the strongest of all the fabricable cobalt alloys. It has an excellent temperature strength and oxidation resistance to 2000 °F. However, Haynes 25™ cobalt alloy is hot formable between 1900 ≥F- 2300 °F. In addition, it is better to cold-work alloy L605 for bending, spinning and drawing component processes.

Haynes 25™ Cobalt Alloy Features

Lambor Metals’ alloy L605 is an extremely strong cobalt alloy that provides many beneficial features, some of which include:

  • Meets AMS 5537 specifications
  • Meets AMS 5796 specifications
  • Enormously beneficial high temperature strength
  • Provides oxidation resistance up to 1800° F
  • Galling resistant
  • Resistant to acids, body fluids and marine environments

Haynes 25™ Alloy Applications

Haynes alloy L605 is used for diverse types of industrial applications, including:

  • Gas turbine engine components
  • Springs
  • Heart valves
  • High temperature ball bearings & bearing races

Haynes 25™ Cobalt Alloy Available Formats

Lambor Metals offers alloy L605 in a variety of forms, including:

  • L605 Seamless & welded pipe
  • L605 Seamless & welded tube
  • L605 Bar
  • L605 Wire
  • L605 Sheet
  • L605 Plate
  • L605 Forgings
  • L605 Pipe fittings
  • L605 Flanges

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